OdAce Music is a structure opened to all the artists, managers and young labels who want to develop their projet. Respecting our values is important to us, which is why we have free measures or with accessible prices, with no engagement needed from you:


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    Accompaniment of music projets

    No matter how far long you are in the development of your projet, OdAce allows artists, managers and labels to grow their projects by giving them the solutions to reach their goals and answer their questions with the support from our partners.


    We regularly organize events to advise and to inform people who have musical projects. Also, we give them opportunities to perform on stage.




    We are a small team of professionals of the music industry. We have developed our skills thanks to:


    - our formations specialized in management, production and communication applied to the music world

    - our experiences with projets in different music labels (Sony, Wagram or Pias)

    - our cursus as eclectic artists.


    Developing your projets is each time a new challenge that we meet with passion!


    Accompaniment of music projets


    Bonus included :

    - link with our partners
    - opportunities for shows : booking

    - follow up of your goals and questions


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    Why make this choice?

    By taking at least one interview, you can be a part of the OdAce Circle.

    Therefore, you can take advantage of our partners, as well as a private Facebook group with good plans and also, booking.

    The goal of the interviews is to help you share your universe as an artist in the best way possible by bringing down all the obstacles of the music industry.


    During the personalized interview

    We work from your goals and questions for the interview to be personalized. We will give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals of your music project. It can be about management, communication, visual and musical art or the administrative part.


    Follow up of your projet

    The last step is simply to make sure that you reached your goals. If you have questions about the things we talked about, don't hesitate to contact us! (obviously, we won't charge you for this.)

  • Choose your accompaniment to develop your music project



    Everything you need to know about personalized meetings (at the center of the Accompaniment) here


    To stay true to our values (be opened and accessible to everyone) we can offer you meetings at a low price (meetings can also be made online)


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    OdAce Mic (open mic with all music genre)


    Grand Meeting Musique (workshop and stands)












    OdAce Mic

    - Open mic, all music genre with free entrance -

    The concept of the OdAce Mic

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    To make the music live is to give the opportunity to all artists to perform on stage, whether they are a pro or not.


    That's why we organize and animate an open mic at the Disquaires (Bastille district in Paris). It allows artists to share their universe or, for others, to do their first steps on stage, no matter their music style. Each artist can interpret 3 songs or less.


    Bonus : You can also ask for feedbacks of your performance if you want!

    What to expect?


    Whether it is with instruments or a pre-recorded instrumental (PBO), more than 500 artists already came to play covers as well as their own songs on stage.


    And because we love surprises, professionnels from the music industry can be a part of the audience.

    *PBO : PlayBack Orchestre



    GUESTS WE HAD : St Aubin, Maelig, Eleonore, Zucco San, Léyn, RedFox etc.



    INSCRIPTION : odacemicprog@gmail.com


    Grand Meeting Musique

    - Workshops and stands -


    In addition to our personalized interviews, we also offer our advices in a shape of artworks with the Grand Meeting Musique. It's the occasion for everyone to exchange about a specific subject.


    This free event allows you to develop your knowledge about the music world and to meet professionnels in the music industry.

    The goal is to gather around artworks and stands to help you with your music project.

    A stand OdAce Music will always be present. You can also find other structures there so you can meet them and talk to them.



    Click on the different categories to discover them !

    Our partnerships are reserved to the members of the OdAce Circle.


    Promotion & Expertise




    Label / Management / Publishing



  • Help for the growth of your project

    To answer your problematics and give more spotlight to your projects

    (our partners share our values and offer a professional service from a really low price)


    Linking artists with music influencers


    Created by musicians and bloggers, Groover is a platform that connects artists and musical influencers (media, radio, labels ...)


    On Groover, musicians and their representatives send their tracks directly to the best media, labels, radios, playlists of their choice in a convenient and affordable way. By paying micro-sums - € 2 per musical influencer - they are assured that their song will be listened to, receive quality written feedback and gain visibility (articles, playlists, signatures on labels).


    As for music influencers, they finally have a simple tool to discover music, being paid while maintaining their total independence.


    Since the launch of the Beta version in May 2018 on www.groover.co, already more than 5000 pieces have been sent, for more than 1000 shares (articles, additions in playlist ...) including 5 signatures on independent labels.



    Romain Mark

    Youtube Publicity

    Do you want to gain visibility and get new fans?
    Thanks to my experience in advertisement with Youtube, I invite you to grow on the platform (same approach as record companies). Far from the wrong views from robots, the goal is to create the most effective advertising for you, so you can achieve your goals, because each artist is different. Without advertising it can be long and sometimes discouraging. I offer you my expertise in this area that I have been enjoying for over 5 years by offering different rates in the price according to your goals!

    BW Production

    Association in production of concerts and artist promotion


    BW Production is a cultural association specialized in the production of concerts and the promotion of artists. Its purpose is to promote cultural diversity and to allow artists to become more professional through the stage. The activity of the association is concentrated in Paris.



    Loïc Fouquet

    Career Management Consulting - Lawyer



    Holder of the Certificate of Aptitude to the Profession of Lawyer since 2014 and having practiced the profession within the firm Nomos, recognized for his expertise in the law of intellectual property, Loïc advised during 3 years big actors of the cultural industries, particularly in the music industry (unions, majors, labels and independent publishers, platforms ...), and developed a particular expertise in the legal issues related to a music activity or career.


    Now a consultant / freelance artistic agent, as well as a musician in independent and signed formations, Loïc's dual perspective on the music sector, both for artists and for various music professionals, is invaluable.


    Training, career management consulting, project structuring, administrative and legal formalities, negotiation assistance, representation ... Feel free to request a personalized interview to answer your questions and needs.








    Creation / Artistic Development

    In order to develop the artistic part of your project on a musical or visual level
    (our partners share our values by offering you a professional service at a lower cost)

    Diggers Factory

    Vinyl Pressing


    Diggers Factory, it's the story of a team passionate about vinyl and digging, always looking for talent, new, confirmed and sometimes even forgotten. When we thought of Diggers Factory, we had a particular ambition in mind:
    To allow any artist, label or producer, regardless of their reputation and their means, to produce or re-publish their music on vinyl. And that's because we strongly believe that the vinyl is the best model for the consumption and enhancement of music. In a world where it has never been easier to listen to music in almost infinite quantities, it seems easy to lose sight of the work, the time, the passion that each artist puts into his music. . And a vinyl is the perfect way to transmit these values ​​and this creative wealth.


    It is in this spirit that we have created Diggers Factory, a more equitable, smarter and more consistent production and distribution system that is more consistent with the new realities of the music market.
    Nowadays, there is no tool to forecast demand, and stocks can turn into a real scourge for some labels. With Diggers Factory, no more inventory to manage, no more overproduction, no investment to start vinyl production and direct-to-fan distribution!



    BNK Production

    Audiovisual Creation Agency


    BNK PRODUCTION is an audiovisual creation agency located in Paris and Nice: we manage the complete production of your project, innovating in the photo, the fiction, clip ...
    We work in favor of a cinematic aesthetic for each project. From idea to post-production, our team masters each stage of an audiovisual production, as well as the latest technologies of image and sound.
    Our directors and technicians put their experience and talent at your service for any type of work:

    screenplay, location, casting, storyboard, filming, studio, motion-design, editing, VFX, calibration, sound recording, sound-design, music composition , mixing, subtitling, graphics, DCP ...
    Discover now BNK PRODUCTION's world of visual and narrative on Facebook & Instagram



    Recording Studio

    16BIS STUDIO is a professional studio affiliated with the Label 16BIS MUSIC.

    Close to the Bastille district in Paris, 16BIS STUDIO welcomes you for your recordings and mixings, in a warm setting.


    Special offer for the OdAce Music circle artists: 25 € registration time instead of 54 €.


    Do not hesitate to contact them by email at 16biscontactstudio@gmail.com or on facebook for more information.



    Brice Tout Puissant

    Coach Sound engineer / Beatmaker


    Brice accompanies the artists in their artistic direction on the instrumental part. He gives private lessons, in order to have a music coherence on a project / on the music style of the artist.


    Example of help for freelance artists: Beatmaking, help M.A.O, home recording, how to buy, sell instrumental songs.


    Brice also gives his advice on his Youtube channel
    ~ 10,000 subscribers

    Margot Soria

    Vocal coach


    I offer singing lessons, for beginners and intermediate levels, in partnership with the recording studio Wacked, in Châtelet.


    Lead singer for the promo concerts of The Wickeed (Universal Music), singer and soloist in the Sankofa Unit choir (who played with Hélène Ségara, Shy'm, ShakaPonk, Laurent Voulzi, Michel Fugain, Tal, the Gipsy Kings, Chimène Badi ...), member of CRD de Bobigny in Jazz vocals (DEM), I coach since 2016 artists from all horizons, with as a guideline: rigor, accuracy, pedagogy, listening and good mood.


    I am also specialized in the current music, Pop and Jazz, and will accompany you to the piano, according to your choices and your requirements.


    I offer several types of courses à la carte, from the one-off session to the weekly course, with the possibility at the end of your term to record a song that you have worked on in a professional studio.


    Special offer for the artists of the OdAce Music circle: in addition to your singing class, Margot offers her precious stage advice!




    Illustrator and Graphic Designer

    Illustrator and Graphic Designer, I also followed a training at the Georges Méliés d'Orly school in animation cinema, specialized in 2D animation technique. I realize all your graphic and / or artistic requests to develop your project in order to communicate your universe in the best possible way. I am very versatile, so I can adapt to large choices of commands such as logos, album art, graphics adapted to your web or digital communication!


    Noémie Dijon

    2D Animation and Motion Design


    Graphic designer graduated from ESAV, I am specialized in motion design videos and 2D animation. Passionate about all cultural fields, I offer a wide range of technical mixes and forms of expression to create the project that suits you the best!



    Marine Rattina



    Photographer graduated from a BTS Photography, I am constantly looking for new collaborations. Each meeting is a real challenge that I meet with passion. Working with artists (dancers, singers, musicians, DJ, or even athletes) is for me a source of wealth, their passions push me up. My goal is to highlight the artist in their art, while trying to transcribe the emotions they transmit through my photographs.







    Label / Management / Edition

    For a team that will work on your project/ produce you

    Nextone Agency

    Management Agency

    NEXTONE is an artistic management agency based in Paris and specialized in indie music. Founded in 2016 by Nicolas Raulin, their goal is to support artists in their career, favoring the development of a strong identity and as well as a proximity to the public. It represents strong projects, singular, with great live potential. Artistic guidance, strategic development and planning, structuring, representation, defense of professional interests ... The projects are valued, worked and pushed to the maximum of their potential to attract the partners necessary for their development. The agency works with Telegraph, Nazca, Grands Boulevards, Storm Orchestra ...



    Alchimist Publishing​



    Alchimist Publishing is the first African music aggregator that helps you distribute your music online on more than 400 digital platforms!
    When you join us, you are part of a global community of music and video professionals. We operate this network to create greater visibility and opportunities for our members.


    For more than a year, Alchimist Publishing's mission has been to provide independent musicians the tools they need to broadcast their music around the world, grow their fanbase, and maintain control over their career. We offer a variety of tools and services dedicated to independent artists and labels to help you develop your music projects.


    Finally, we do even more than digital distribution: Design of pockets and banners, get a nice artist profile on social networks, configuration vevo channel, promotion of your music videos ... we will help you for everything

    Paltan Family Records



    Created in 2013, the main activity of Paltan Family Records is to develop independent artists. Its goal is to follow artists in the development of their art and to lead them to the production and promotion of their work in music, photography, painting or cinema.


    The creator of this label is Madi alias Black Moz. He created this label in order to be free in his artistic choices and to help different artists in his own way.









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    Medias & References


    National / International Artists


    Emerging Artists


    Elder Artists














  • Medias & References


    "Agency agreed by the Minister of the Culture"

    Find us in their directory

    Montpellier University MOMA

    "MOOC Training :

    cultural and creative industries"

    Speaker on the e-learning platform

    Pass Culture

    "The Culture Minister's Project"

    Take advantage of our offers with your Pass Culture here !


    "OdAce Music, the propellant of music projects"

    The article is here !

    Hip Hop Community

    Find us on their plateforme

    La ZEP

    "Making it in the music industry doesn't happen by just being an artist !"

    The interview is here !



    National / International Artists

    MC Roger

    "Good tips to develop my project!"

    Swiss artist supported by Universal Music, France Info, L'Express, RTS Radio etc. / more than 35 000 subscribers on Youtube


    I received really good advices on my content, as well as good tips to develop my project! A very friendly and attentive interlocutor.


    "We went beyond our goals"

    Multiple international festivals : "Rock en Seine" , "Festival du monde arabe de Montréal", "Jazz à Ouaga" ... / more than 80 000 followers on FB

    Ivan is a real gold mine! Full of resources, synthetic, efficient, from the first exchanges, he has seized our needs and responded effectively. His analysis of our needs and the paths he took to answer us allowed us to take a giant step in our project! We even went beyond our goals.... A great contact not to let go!

    St Aubin

    "Relevant and up-to-date advices"

    Signed on Scorpio Music label


    OdAce Music is a beautiful structure for artists, Ivan takes his time with us, he gives relevant and up-to-date advices.
    He listens to our needs and what we are looking for in our career and I think that it's important.
    A very professional team, I recommend for independent artists to meet them, it will be enough to convince you to work with OdAce Music because it can only pull you up.

    Mehdi Ryan

    "Meeting full of lessons and advices"

    more than 30 000 followers on Youtube


    As an independent artist, my encounter with Ivan was full of lessons and advices.


    Because of his availability and simplicity, he managed to put me at ease very easily. He also quickly assessed the scope of my project from both a musical and commercial point of view and thus proposed solutions and approaches to be undertaken in perfect harmony with my expectations and goals.


    Moreover, and always in connection with my project, he directed me towards artists with whom future collaborations could be considered and beneficial.


    I strongly encourage any artist or group to consult Ivan who can only bring you more in your various projects.

    Mehdi Ryan

    "Meeting full of lessons and advices"

    more than 30 000 followers on Youtube


    As an independent artist, my encounter with Ivan was full of lessons and advices.


    Because of his availability and simplicity, he managed to put me at ease very easily. He also quickly assessed the scope of my project from both a musical and commercial point of view and thus proposed solutions and approaches to be undertaken in perfect harmony with my expectations and goals.


    Moreover, and always in connection with my project, he directed me towards artists with whom future collaborations could be considered and beneficial.


    I strongly encourage any artist or group to consult Ivan who can only bring you more in your various projects.


    Emerging Artists


    "Passionate and exciting"

    1900 followers on Facebook


    I thought Ivan was very professional, passionate and exciting. He is very pragmatic and full of good advices.

    I liked the personalized and targeted side of the interview and it saved me time which was very good!
    Ivan helped me develop an action plan that meets my expectations and I now hope to reach my goals!


    "Very good advices"

    more than 1000 followers on Facebook

    Very organized interviews, it's a team work through the whole time even outside of the interviews, a good cohesion and very good advices!

    Thanks Ivan for his support, and his good vibes!


    [Discover] Sheli-Rose's 1st EP « Lovely medley »


    "Oh yeah!"

    The first thing that comes to mind is of course a big "oh yeah!" for the premiere of the OdAce Mic!
    The atmosphere was cool and benevolent and that's nice!
    Then, a little feedback on the interview with Mister Z, I can say that I am very happy to have obtained some keys and tips, all of this with an outside point of view.
    Ivan is accessible and even invites us to contact him for more details and additional explanations and that, that's nice!


    "OdAce Music allowed me to be signed in a label"


    Ivan is passionated about what he does. He has a lot of knowledge that he shared with me.


    He will tell you about years of experiences in just a few hours, which allowed me to be signed in a music label and to start my career as an artist.



    "Very rewarding interview"


    Accompanied by my manager, this interview was very rewarding, this appointment helped us to define our goals and clarify some points to achieve them.
    Ivan has been very pro by giving us methods, tools and structures to increase my number of dates. Ivan was also able to give me advices on the live part and gave me ideas to make my DJ sets and lives better.

    Let's put all these tips into practice!

    Moussa Kendy

    "Concise and complete"

    Ivan was really natural, smiling, concise and complete from the beginning, which favored the exchange between us.
    I appreciated his honesty and the time he took to give me all the informations I received!


    "Pleasantly surprised"

    Very smiling, friendly and professional as well as a good listener, Ivan was able to put me directly at ease. The two goals we agreed on were studied in depth and the quantity and quality of the informations were well beyond my expectations!
    Each of my questions has found its answer. Now all there is left to do is to apply everything on the field!

    Elder Artists

    Chansons Cachées

    "A real coaching of the artistic approach"

    Regarding our interviews, I think they are very rich, dense and effective enough for those who can listen and prioritize their approach.


    These interviews represent a real coaching of the artistic approach that often goes into a thick fog that James' advices can dissipate quite widely. Moreover all the ideas, advice and contacts that are mentioned during the interviews are so numerous that it is not easy to use them all immediately. So things are done step by step. We will continue these interviews soon.

    Jean-Pierre Dejou

    "I recommend this collaboration with no hesitation"



    In the past, for eight years I've toured, as an open act, in cabaret, popular ball attractions.
    I come back now to my first love: singing.


    The evolution of the profession made me fear an obstacle course.
    This was before meeting Ivan and Andrea.
    Their very warm welcome, their confidence, their very professional approach allowed me to foresee a recovery under the best circonstances.
    I recommend this collaboration with no hesitation.


    Contact the OdAce


    Don't hesitate to send us a message, chance smiles to the OdAcieux.


    If you want to send us your songs, do it on Groover !
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